Our Story

Wordzdot started while the startup India program was just at the beginning, the frontline in changing the startup culture of India. The founder of Wordzdot, Aditi Kamini, was working at Canara Bank, Government of India in a manager role, serving the corporate partnership. While being in conversation with a lot of similar portfolio startup organizations, she had been listening to this common problem of bootstrapping founders of producing good content as their growth engine. Being inclined toward writing and a passion for problem-solving attitude, Wordzdot came into existence in the year 2019. Wordzdot is a subsidiary business under techlithic solutions based in India.

Our Mission

More than commitment, we care about the goals of the business. Building a caring work culture drives diversity and inclusion for productive results for our partners.


We started with small-size companies that are bootstrapping but at the same time, with our advisors and partner, we are outgrowing our capabilities to serve corporates and enterprising startups and businesses. As we are growing, our idea is aligned to grow as our partner grows.


Wordzot is a marketing-driven company that is headed by advisors and leaders from marketing backgrounds. Our team also includes established authors and writers that are super amazing at generating content that woos the audience and readers.

Higher Sales

We write the text that generates sales. Every article and plan is curated to give ROI and not just create a farmhouse of blogs and content. We strongly believe that every business needs sales in the end while they are trying to solve their customer’s problems. That’s how our content is also aligned to support the idea of generating higher sales for our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Wordzot is an agile team of writers. We work very closely in partnership with our clients by following agile project management methodologies. Our daily and weekly sprint sessions with the client associate and representatives, help us to stay focused on a common goal and meet the expectations of our client on time with quality deliveries.

Have Any Questions?

We are good to invite you over a discovery call at your convenience and discuss your challenges which we can solve together. Want to talk about it?

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