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We helped Captivix create SEO-friendly content by devising a content strategy that covered their niche in digital transformation and ERP.

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Captivix faced the challenge of creating SEO-friendly content without having an in-house content writer. This posed a significant challenge for the company as creating optimized and engaging content requires expertise and knowledge. Without a dedicated content team, Captivix had to rely on their existing staff to generate content. This approach can result in content that may not be optimized for search engines, negatively impacting their online visibility. The lack of a content writer made it difficult for Captivix to create content that addressed their target audience’s pain points and aligned with their business goals. To overcome this challenge, Captivix sought external help to create a content strategy that would help them generate relevant and optimized content to improve their SEO rankings and online visibility.

At Wordzdot, we address the challenge of creating SEO-friendly blog content for businesses by developing a customized content strategy that aligns with their business goals and target audience. Our experienced team of writers creates engaging and optimized content that helps our clients rank higher on search engines and increase their online visibility.

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What We Did?

Wordzdot worked closely with Captivix to do content research, planning, and optimized content creation that’s engaging and problem-solving content covering the reader’s journey. 

1. Content Strategy

We developed a customized content strategy for Captivix that aligned with their business objectives and addressed their target audience’s pain points.

2. Content Outlines

To create optimized blog post outlines, Wordzdot conducted thorough audience research, identified themes, developed a structure with subheadings, added supporting links, and optimized for SEO with relevant keywords and meta descriptions.

3. Content Writing

Content writing was done over the client’s Website backend and optimized with all relevant SEO plugins with 100% scores. Every schema was matched and added to maximize the SEO performance of the blogposts.

Results Recap

In conclusion, the project was a success as we were able to develop a customized content strategy that addressed Captivix’s target audience’s pain points and aligned with their business objectives. The optimized and engaging content we produced helped to improve their online visibility, increase website traffic, and improve their brand authority. Our systematic approach and expertise in content creation and SEO ensured that we delivered high-quality results for the client.

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