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At Wpoven we helped by designing comprehensive content plans to create SEO-friendly content. Also, we created and executed plans for Email Writing 

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Wpoven faced challenges in designing a content strategy that would appeal to its target audience and improve its online visibility. The in-house writers were new lack specialized expertise. This resulted in flat and trivial which makes it difficult to rank on search engines. To address this issue, Wpoven sought external help to create a content strategy that would enable them to produce relevant and optimized content improving their search engine rankings and online visibility.

At Wordzdot, we address the challenge and intend for customized content strategies to create SEO-friendly blog content that aligns with the goals of business and target audience to call for action. Our experienced team of writers creates compelling and optimized content that helps our clients to grow digitally.

What We Did?

Wordzdot closely worked on various aspects of content writing which includes thorough keyword research, developing comprehensive content plans, email writing and copywriting to engross its potential lead for immediate call to action. 

1. Content Strategy

We created a tailored content strategy for Wpoven that aligned with its business goals and also catered to its target audience’s needs and challenges.

2. Content Writing

Content writing was done over the client’s Website backend and it was ensured to be optimized with SEO plugins. While optimizing we also accentuate titles and meta descriptions with the use of target keywords. We include the target keywords in the title and meta description, and make sure that the content creates effective copy that meets their needs.

3. Email Writing

When it comes to email writing, we certainly followed the best practices of keeping the subject line short and imperative. We also use clear and concise message with a call to action.

4. Copywriting

We target the readers by using content that is persuasive and compelling which can grab their attention and make them want to take action.

Results Recap

The project was a success through our precise and methodical approach along with expertise in content creation, email writing and SEO. It was ensured to deliver high-quality results for the client. We identified and address the needs of the target audience and work to deliver the same.  

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